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Who is the Greatest SEC Football Team?


At the point when the Crimson Tide takes on Texas Longhorns in the BCS national title game on Thursday night; Alabama will play for SEC Football’s nineteenth national title. Or on the other hand 36th. Or on the other hand 53rd. Or then again whatever you like. It relies upon they way we decide “national title” with regards to what this all out might be.

Something that is certain is that if the Crimson Tide beats Texas, SEC Football may succeed at least 2 of the 4 significant “national title” trophies for the fourth season straight. The game’s victor is lawfully guaranteed the AFCA National Championship Trophy and the National Football Foundation’s MacArthur Bowl. The victor close emphatically will win the AP’s Paul “Bear” Bryant Trophy and the FWAA’s Grantland Rice Award, too.

Following are the SEC Football schools that ผลบอล7m were perceived as the last No. 1 in the three significant surveys. (The AP survey started in ’36, the mentors in 50 and the FWAA in ’54.)

The University of Tennessee Volunteers, 1951: University of Tennessee opened as the No. one gathering in the AP pre-season survey, despite the fact that they were not supreme SEC Football victors.

Coppery University, ’51-Auburn University completed 10-0 by overpowering their rivals 207-28, with SEC Football’s All-American Jimmy Phillips securing the country’s No. one protection.

The Louisiana State University Tigers, 58: The LSU Fighting Tigers took the second match of their 10-0 standard season 13-3 up over University of Alabama in Mobile, Alabama.

The Rebels, 1960-On the rear of All-American quarterback Jake Gibbs, The University of Mississippi Rebels completed 10-0-1 by beating the Rice University Owls 14-6 in the Sugar Bowl.

Alabama, 1961-The first of six SEC Football University of Alabama groups trained by Paul “Bear” Bryant to top the last AP survey defeated its rivals 287-22 in the standed year to complete No. one on the whole around resistance and in a similar spot in the last AP and mentors surveys.

The Crimson Tide, ’64: Alabama’s 10-0 standard-season battle incorporated a 36-6 triumph over the Tulane Green Wave in Mobile, AL.

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide, ’65: University of Alabama completed the SEC Football ordinary season at 8-1-1, having lost its season-opener by 1 to The UGA Bulldogs and tied with The University of Tennessee Volunteers on the third Saturday of October.

College of Alabama, ’73: The most elevated scoring group in Crimson Tide history and the most gainful hurrying crew in SEC Football past hustled through eleven ordinary season games to get the mentors survey’s last No. 1 setting.



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